2024 Bee School Slides

In an effort to help promote Honeybee education within our community, we have decided to publish our Bee School Slides for public view.

Please view these slides at your leisure and we hope you find them as interesting as we do!

Beekeeper Certification

Anyone wishing to step up their game and take the next step to State Certification, please come to our next club meeting and speak to Matt Van Horn, Certified Beekeeper.

Bee Informed!

This Month’s Priorities for Beekeepers
NCSBA News and Events

In the News …

Sunflowers Linked to Reduced Varroa Mite Infestations in Honeybees submitted by Chris Marok
First Vaccine for Honey Bees Approved by USDA, submitted by Don Reynolds
US approves world’s first vaccine for declining honey bees, submitted by Holly Cole