Thanks for stopping by the Appalachian Beekeepers Club web site. We are glad you are here! The Appalachian Beekeepers Club helps promote healthy bee colonies in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina — particularly the Murphy, NC area. If you are a new beekeeper, an experienced beekeeper, or simply thinking of becoming a beekeeper, come join us!

Next Club Meeting

The club has decided to suspend monthly meetings until further notice. The next scheduled meeting will be April 7th unless otherwise noted here. Please check this page for updates.

  • Tuesday, April 7th, 7:00 pm (rescheduled due to March 3rd voting)
  • Konehete Park Office Building, 699 Connahetta Street, Murphy, NC
  • Map

Monthly Priorities

  • For a complete list of priorities, see our Local Beekeeping Calendar.
  • Install overwintered NUCs and order spring NUCs or packages. Some vendors still have availability, but it is going fast.
  • Set up your swarm traps!
  • Feed your bees and add pollen patties to help increase laying.
    • 2 cups sugar + 1 cup water
    • Boil until clear
    • Cool
    • Pour into in-hive feeder
  • Locate and Register for Bee School!