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Cost of Startup  



What is the estimated startup cost to get into beekeeping?

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This cost can vary quite a bit depending on the type hive one chooses, the equipment you want and the honeybees themselves. Ten frame hives cost more than eight frame hives, bee suits, hats, veils, smokers and extracting equipment add to the cost. A basic assembled 10 frame hive kit will cost around $150 - $180 plus tax and shipping from most of the "mail order" suppliers. You can buy unassembled hive parts locally and save $$ by assembling the hive yourself. A "starter kit" that includes everything one needs to start beekeeping(except bees) can run $300 - $450(the mail order suppliers). The honeybees themselves will cost anywhere from $100 -$200 for a package and $175 - $250 for a 5 frame NUC. There are some local bee yards that will sell these packages/NUCS for less. If you want to buy extracting equipment, the cost also vary depending on what you want. The most basic plastic, 2 frame, hand cranked extractor will run $200. A stainless steel hand cranked 6/3 frame extractor will run $350 - $400. Anything motorized will run $750 and up.

 One can also look for used hives and equipment which will lower the costs considerably.