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Protégé Brionna Sparks being mentored by Club President Zack Stockbridge on how to set up 20,000 bees into their new hives. Wonder what on might happen when you work on a used super without your bee suit? (Mouseover)

          Peter Gowndry inspecting one of his new hives.



      Steve Juhlin helping in Peter Gowndry's hives.

                  Feature of our protégé.
Dr. David Ackerman (Andrews Veterinary Hospital)  and Brionna Sparks checking to see if they needed additional supers, and if not if everything was ok. VIDEO

Neither hive was ready for an additional super, both had brood of all stages and we saw the queen in one hive. The goal for this summer is to build up each hive to produce enough honey for the winter.

One hive is stronger and may produce one surplus super for Brionna and her family.


Honey bees will typically build 10 to 15 percent of their nest into these irregular structures, called burr comb. A Day at the Farmers Market - Honey for Sale!
 Protégé Brionna Sparks, Zack Stockbridge, Larry Stalcup  Fred Bernhardt, Zack Stockbridge & Steve Juhlin


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Member  Jeff's Bees Making Honey
Feature of our protégé.