Honey Fact
To replace sugar with honey in recipes:
1 cup of honey = 1 1/2 cups of sugar
Also reduce other liquids because honey
is approximately 18% water

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General Information

Timing the Flow by Larry Stalcup, Beekeeper

March is the time that our bees will break their winter cluster and start gathering nectar.  If you are going to move a hive, now is a good time to do so.

The first nectar flow of importance is maple.  this starts around March 4th and last 35 days provided it is  a warm spring and we don't have a late frost.

April will find peaches, apples, strawberries, ornamental flowers and trees providing pollen and nectar.  It is a good time also to get you supers ready for next month.

May is the beginning of the major flow.  Black Locust will begin May 13th.  This flow is short and sometimes even fails to produce.  Try to get a few frames ready for this honey is second only behind sourwood.  Tulip

Poplar will flow around the 24th of May and will last for about 35 days.  Poplar is a major flow and will fill your supers quickly.  If ample room is not given your bees will SWARM!

Clover will start around May 29th and last 51 days.

June is a time to go through your hives at least every 10-14 days.  A swarm now will leave a hive unable o produce surplus sourwood.  Basswood will start about the 20th but not a large producer in the mountains.  Sourwood will start aound June 25th and wil last 28 days. If you want to keep the sourwood pure, you will need to remove all summer honey supers and replace with drawn frames or new foundation.  these need to be ready to ut on by the 25th.